Idyllicneedle is a place to share with those who also have a passion for historical needlework and samplers.

I’ve recently started organizing my library of needlework and quilting books, magazines and charts and have realized that a lot of them are out of print and hard to find and some I have duplicates of.

In order to create effectively, one must first unclutter their life… make it lighter. Once achieved,  the heart is lighter and with that, comes inspiration and maybe a deeper expression of creativity.

For as long as I can remember, libraries have been a haven for me. A place to find some lonely corner and sit, for hours on end. Being in a library was like a “shopping mall” when I was 10, taking out 8 books at a time (which was all I could carry at one time) and visiting the next week to take out 8 more books.

Thus, with all this organizing I’ve been doing a thought came to mind. To create a Virtual Needlework Library. This library will consist of Publications (very old periodicals), Book that are out of print and rare, and charts that are out of print and still in print as well.

First step was to look for an application that was compatible with wordpress, but not a plugin. WordPress.com does not allow plugins.  I would have to find an ISP to host the site if I use plugins and I really don’t want to do that.

Another option is to create a Picasaweb gallery, create albums in alphabetical order, upload the pictures, then create a PAGE for each  title. As I upload each item, enter publisher, designer, Title, description, cost, etc.  The posts should also be in alpha order, listing only a few in that order. This will enable the search engine to only look within that one post instead of one big long list where the PAGE would need to be scrolled through. A nice feature of Picasaweb is that it lets you upload enmass.

Update 9/23/2015

We hosted a site with Daily Razor.  Since we won’t be using ColdFusion, php or scripting, it didn’t make sense to have a hoster anymore.  Of course, it took us two years to figure that out.  As of 9/23/2015,  the idyllicneedle.net site will be shut down.  We will, however, keep the domain name registered with Daily Razor.

We  (my sisters and I) decided to create different sites for this project.  Primarly because of the SEARCH function.  I need to figure out if I can customize searches by site one of these days.  For now, these are the sites.

http://idyllicstitches.wordpress.com – Blog site.  A place to keep track of projects as I work on them.   It helps when I’m doing multiple projects at once.

http://needlelibrary.wordpress.com – This site is used to keep track of books, charts, magazine publications.  We would also like to extend it to fabric, threads, accessories,

http://idnlibrary.wordpress.com – this site helps us HUNT for HDF needlework books, retreats, tutorials,  SALS,  etc.

http://abcgaleria.wordpress.com – We will be using this site to post collections of charted letters and motifs and maybe a few samplers.

http://idndesigns.wordpress.com – this site is a collaboration site for me and my sisters to share design ideas.

http://needleinspirations.wordpress.com – backup of idyllicneedle.net before I had it shut down.  Won’t be renewed after 9/23/2015.  I need to rethink the organization.